Comanche Documentary

Personal struggles and successes in a clash of cultures.

Ardith Parker Leming, great-granddaughter of Quanah Parker

This project, currently in the filming stage, has already recorded interviews with 22 of Quanah Parker's descendants. More interviews are happening soon. The film will premier in up to 33 Texas and Oklahoma towns and cities September-November 2019. Reserve your tickets now for the premier near you.

The idea began with the filming of several Quanah Parker descendants as part of a Texas and Comanche Oral History Project (working title). Getting these oral history interviews on film with the goal of making them available as oral history VODs (Videos On Demand) on the internet was intriguing because they would be especially helpful to researchers, history authors, and teachers.


Help us kickstart the telling of this generations-long story.

The idea was born. A documentary threading together snippets from as many as 60 oral history interviews – Comanches, many of them descendants of Quanah Parker, along with some non-Comanches – illustrating the story of Comancheria, Cynthia Ann Parker, Quanah Parker, coming to the reservation, and acculturation as told by a widely-recognized and award-winning team of storytellers focused on original historical documentation. Reserve your tickets now for the premier near you.

This Comanche Oral History Documentary is phase 1. It will kickstart either a full-length documentary, a television/streaming special series, or a major movie. Each would be factual and as complete as possible, based on the seminal book The Last Comanche Chief: The Life and Times of Quanah Parker, written by Bill Neeley and published in 1995 by the New York publisher John Wylie & Sons. Achievement of any of these three depends on our obtaining major financing, and that search is underway.


Local Film Premiers

We intend to premier the Comanche Documentary in up to 33 Texas and Oklahoma towns and cities between September 2019 and November 2019. Here are the current locations:

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The poster is 16"x20", with a stipple drawing of Quanah Parker by young Comanche artist Austin McClung, a great-great-great-grandson of Quanah Parker. Buy a poster and save $30 on a ticket!

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The Last Comanche Chief: The Life and Times of Quanah Parker by Bill Neeley is the seminal book on Chief Quanah Parker. Buy a signed paperback book and save $10 on a premier ticket!

Library Journal said "The special merits of Neeley's work include its reliance on primary sources and illuminating descriptions of interactions among Southern Plains people, Native and white."

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