Comanche Documentary

Ardith Parker Leming, great-granddaughter of Quanah Parker

Comanche Oral History Documentary

This project, currently in the filming stage, has already recorded interviews with 22 of Quanah Parker's descendants. More interviews are happening this fall and winter. The film will premier in up to 33 Texas and Oklahoma towns and cities March-May 2019. Learn more about the project or reserve your tickets now for the premier near you.

The Power of Stories

History Partners is building a network of engaging speakers who are excited to talk about history in community settings, large and small. We are also collecting stories from history written by participating authors, to be distributed through a variety of channels. At every event and in every story published, local participating museums and authors will be highlighted.

Stronger Together

Local historical museums are already a potent force in their communities. Scholars and authors working on history projects have a wealth of information and knowledge to share, as do a small army of "kitchen table historians" who research specific topics with great commitment. But these museums, authors, and individuals can be stronger together. That's the mission of History Partners - to help museums and authors work together with individual history buffs to share knowledge, passion, resources, and excitement.

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