Painless, free fundraising.

We now have a free fundraising program for museums based on local merchant advertising.

This is offered through participation with

How it works:

  1. Museum signs up with History Partners (free).
  2. 30% of merchant ads purchased on in your community are donated directly to your museum’s Square account.
    Note: If a museum does not already have a Square merchant account that gives them the ability to directly receive credit card payments, they can sign up for a free account (no card swipe equipment needed). Then the museum authorizes the oooLocal web app to transfer funds raised directly to the museum’s Square account. The museum has immediate and complete control of funds raised.
  3. oooLocal recruits local newspaper, radio station, or independent salesperson to manage local ad sales.
    If museum chooses to manage ad sales, museum receives additional 30%. At least 60% of local ad sale proceeds stay in the community.
  4. oooLocal provides hosted online donation page for direct donations to museum.
    This page is connected to the museum’s Square merchant account, so museum has immediate and complete control of funds raised.

Sign up now: